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At Real Fitness Solutions we offer a range of services in North Devon including:

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy services cover a full range of sports massage treatments comprising of:

  • General Maintenance Massage
  • Pre/Post Event Massage
  • Injury Prevention and Management

Sports therapy treatments aim to treat soft tissue dysfunction and support soft tissue repair for all individuals regardless of activity and fitness levels. Sports Massage Therapy has positive benefits for many people as a form of regular care and maintenance for the body to manage the negative effects of everyday life.

Contemporary life can cause untold tension and strain on the body, which over time can develop into long term issues, if left untreated. Some occupations may predispose an individual to develop underlying health issues due to various environmental factors they are subjected to on a regular basis.

Sedentary jobs can sometimes lead to physical health problems manifesting such as poor posture, discomfort and pain, muscular weakness or imbalances, which result from prolonged periods of being inactive. Equally active jobs can take their toll on the body with the exposure to repetitive actions and movements having the potential to also cause tension and strain on the body. Manipulating soft tissue through the medium of massage therapy can assist in improving the health and well-being of a client and help to restore the body to optimum functioning.

Sports Massage Therapy is also extremely valuable for those who regularly take part in sport and physical activity, including amateur and professional athletes, as well as the everyday fitness enthusiast. Incorporating regular general maintenance treatments into a fitness regime, helps the body to maintain its prime functioning ability and can help to enhance athletic performance.

Specific sports therapy methods can be used to enable correction of muscular weaknesses and imbalances, thereby aiding injury prevention and rehabilitation, and improving biomechanical function.

Fitness enthusiasts who take part in sporting events may wish to incorporate a pre-or-post event massage to provide them with the added benefits associated with these specific massage treatments. For example; pre-event massage which stimulates the flow of blood and nutrients to the working muscles and reduces the risk of injury and post-event massage which reduces the risk of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), fatigue and tension.

Assessment and treatment will be tailored to individual requirements ensuring a high quality, safe and effective treatment is provided from a fully qualified practitioner. By assessing each person individually it allows us to provide an appropriate treatment using specific massage techniques that are suitable for your body at that particular time. Assessment will also help to identify any contraindications to sports therapy prior to treatment and an alternative route recommended if necessary.

Real Fitness Solutions has also worked in partnership with insurance companies, providing treatment therapy for individuals who have experienced injury as a result of an accident.

Personal Training Instruction

Tailored 1:1 personal training package complete with nutritional guidance to compliment the exercise programme for improved health and well-being. The programme will be centred on your individual goals and planned to suit your activity preferences, fitness level and will take into account factors such as availability of time, commitments, and any potential barriers that may need to be considered. Personal training sessions can also be combined with a sports therapy treatment at a discounted price for regular clients.

If required, fitness programming can be focused on sports conditioning and tailored to individual sports or in preparation for a sporting event or specific sport-related goal. Sports coaching and conditioning for a variety of individual sports can be offered for both adults and children on request.

For individuals, pairs and small groups
Personal training sessions can be planned and delivered individually, in pairs or for small groups (by arrangement). Sessions are offered in a variety of environments including at home, in a suitable work place area, in a gym, or in an outdoor environment, based on individual preferences. Outdoor settings can include areas such as beaches, parks, wood/forest area, or private land (a private garden).

Outdoor fitness
Real Fitness Solutions encourages and promotes the active use of outdoor fitness as part of an exercise regime for the positive health benefits that it provides for both physical and mental well-being in line with recommendations by leading exercise and health specialists such as ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), NHS Choices and CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity).

Exercise Referral

In addition to Personal Training, Real Fitness Solutions also offers the service of planning and instructing Exercise Referral programmes, for those clients where exercise has been recommended by a health specialist as part of a structured programme to improve physical health and well-being.

In many cases, Exercise Referral is used as a tool in order to prevent and/or manage certain health conditions, such as Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), Type 11 Diabetes, stroke, mental health problems, musculoskeletal conditions and certain cancers.

The tailored Exercise Referral programme will incorporate the same base elements as Personal Training and Instruction, with the addition of specific planning and instruction considerations required due to the individual’s medical background. This will inform all planning and instruction of the exercise programme with regular updates and reviews to ensure the safety of the client.

The exercise programme also includes nutritional guidance to support the development of positive changes in behaviour and lifestyle in the long term.

Box Instructing

BOX sessions are fun and energetic fitness programmes, incorporating Olympic-style boxing techniques, often with a circuit based structure. The sessions incorporate basic boxing skills and foundation techniques for Olympic-style boxing with a boxing-specific warm-up and cool-down.

BOX Instructing is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of taking part in fitness-based non-contact boxing outside of a specific boxing gym environment and the associated health benefits that the sport provides.

Sessions are designed to provide all-over body conditioning whilst also learning the techniques used within Olympic-boxing. Various elements are incorporated in boxing training, such as partner pad-work, skipping, punch bags and shadow boxing, giving participants an excellent cardiovascular workout, core strength development and improved co-ordination and fitness skills.

BOX sessions are suitable for beginner-level participants including both adults and children. Sessions can be delivered on a 1:1, pair or small group basis. Larger group sessions can be arranged on request.

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